William Shatner Is Sending Developers to Space


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To help draw new developers and endear existing ones to global financial company Rapyd’s fintech platform, the company has just created a big promotion to send developers to the edge of space. Rapyd is headquartered in London, but the internal creative services department that conceptualized and led this project is located here in Denver. Here’s more about how they’re searching for intelligent life (on Earth). 

“Billionaires need money to get to space. But all you need is brains. We created a series of brain-busting puzzles in our developer community, each harder than the last. The answer to each puzzle is a password that unlocks an entry into an upcoming drawing for a ticket to space. We chose William Shatner as our spokesperson because he is the perfect person to represent space, geek culture and all the things developers love. We decided to use puzzles instead of a simple drawing to play off the success of games like Wordle and to keep people engaged throughout the competition and encourage collaboration and communication.”

The global campaign was created in partnership with agencies around the globe, including Known, Gravity, Brave Bison and Atrenet. Check out the promotion (and enter yourself) here


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