Denver’s Cactus Creates New Campaign For Long-Time Client National Emergency Responder Organization


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For many, the holidays are a time when mental health issues are heightened. That’s especially true for our country’s first responders. A new print/digital campaign, created by agency Cactus for long-time client Responder Strong — the national emergency responder organization and its — offers help through the mental health/wellness platform that addresses the specific needs of the emergency medical, EMS, law enforcement and fire service personnel.

The four design-driven ads show all of the tactical gear police, fire, ambulance and hospital first responders need to do their jobs. In a separate box is an image of a cell phone with and the copy “Use this tool to take care of yourself. Recover and recharge and at”

“To develop this campaign we first talked with first responders — one of the most common links we heard between firefighters, police and medics was how important their tools and equipment are,” Norm Shearer, Partner/CCO, says. “We knew that by equating their own minds to their valued tools and training we could get them to pay attention to the biggest priority on the job, themselves.”

The well-being platform for emergency responders was developed by Grit Digital Health, Cactus’ sister company that focuses on creating behavioral health and well-being solutions through design and technology. personalizes well-being for each user by tailoring its content to the specific needs of users, ranging from serious discussions and information around topics like depression, suicide, alcohol/drug addiction to more wellness-focused insights around managing stress, chronic pain and leadership techniques. Another key component is its series of “reality checks” — personal assessments that can offer some guidance into where help may be needed and how to get it.


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