Cognoscenti Creative Rethinks a Local Architecture Firm’s Website and Creative Strategy


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Over the past three decades, Johnson Nathan Strohe has become one of Denver’s most influential architecture and interior design firms in the hospitality and multi-family sectors. Yet, as is often the case with businesses whose reputation is built on word-of-mouth and long-standing relationships, the brand was overdue for an aesthetic and messaging refresh that reflected the evolving leadership and approach at the firm.

At this strategic moment of evolution in the company, JNS reached out to Denver creative studio Cognoscenti Creative. With the goal of modernizing and simplifying brand communications, the team quickly landed on creating a new website that would more easily allow content to remain up-to-date as JNS continues to grow and evolve. From there, the creative team began by reimagining and simplifying the website site map, as well as the flow of content on each page. By refreshing the brand’s core messaging, overall copywriting and even cleaning up its logo, a structure for the site began to take shape. Finally, the layout of the website was put into place, showcasing imagery — some of which was photographed by the Cognoscenti Creative team — that represents the firm’s unique design perspective.

Among the project’s many elements, copywriting was a noteworthy focus. “Pragmatic Beauty” had long been JNS’ trademarked tagline, yet there had been little exploration of how the firm’s methodology actually embodied that concept. In turn, Cognoscenti Creative developed a new “Process” page on the website to clearly articulate what to expect from a collaboration with JNS. This effort was further supported by the development of detailed work examples that illustrate how this approach plays out in tangible terms.

The result is a streamlined, focused website that proactively answers many of the questions visitors might have about JNS’ work. By bolstering eye-catching photography with more comprehensive storytelling, the Cognoscenti Creative team ultimately was able to reflect more of JNS’ own creative approach in the seamless design of the brand’s new website.


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