Cactus Partners With Denver Regional Council of Governments On New Campaign For Traffic Congestion Resource WayToGo.Org


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As more and more businesses in the Denver region begin to return to normal, there’s a growing concern about maintaining the reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality that occurred last year as a result of the pandemic. In response, the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) has unveiled a clever, retro 50s-inspired new campaign created by agency Cactus for their Way to Go program — a long-time DRCOG informational initiative to get business owners and employees to think differently about their commutes.

The new creative, which features illustrations from UK-based artist Sam Hadley, perfectly captures the colorful nuances of ads from the mid-20th century, while the copy implores commuters and employers to “Leave Traffic To Memory Lane,” “9-5 Is So 2019” and “Times Have Changed. Your Talent Wants Options,” among others.

Visitors to the Cactus-redesigned site are met with the same retro look and detailed content offering new ways to approach commuting, such as carpools, schoolpools, and how employers can best implement remote working.

“The campaign harnesses this pivotal, post-covid return and lets people reflect on this last year with the intent of taking the positives forward and leaving the negatives in the past — the way back past,” Hailey Simon, Cactus Associate Creative Director, says.

Sara Weeres, Account Supervisor at Cactus, notes that over the past year the rise of remote work led to Way To Go surpassing their traffic congestion and air quality goals. Now, as the world begins a return to normal, Way To Go is trying to get citizens to question whether going back to their old commuting habits is the best way to move forward.

“This was Cactus’ first campaign with DRCOG and Way to Go and creating it has been a super-fun, collaborative effort from day one,” Simon says. “Our teams have built a strong, trusting relationship and with their help, we were able to pounce on the opportunity to turn the collective minds of those in the Denver region toward increased remote work that will lead to less traffic and better air quality.”

Agency: Cactus, Denver, CO
Founder, CEO: Joe Conrad
Parter, CCO: Norm Shearer
Executive Creative Director: Brian Watson
Associate Creative Director: Hailey Simon
Sr. Copywriter: Andy Bartosch
Art Director: Page Halter
Illustrations: Sam Hadley
VP, Brand Strategy: Mike Lee
Associate Project Manager: Jordan Leet
Sr. Creative Producer: Julie Mimmack
Sr. Integrated Producer: Martha Douglas
Sr. Digital Product Supervisor: Kylie Forcinito
Digital Experience Designer: Kevin Roysden
Digital Experience Developer: Austin Lliteras
Account Supervisor: Sara Weeres
Media Supervisor: Austin Frazze


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