Broomfield Illustrator Brian Edward Miller for Land Rover


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Brian Edward Miller is at it again — applying his skill on behalf of Land Rover toward a collection of materials promoting the Discovery family of vehicles. 

“Adventure Illustration” has been a thread woven deep into the fabric of the illustration work I do through Orlin Culture Shop. It is what I grew up loving and what I enjoy creating most in my work. As an illustrator, I’ve had the unique opportunity to bring this theme to a range of different clients, from books to billboards and more.
One of the latest opportunities I had was to bring that theme of adventure illustration into a collection of illustrations for Land Rover through Spark 44. The idea was to create a series of ‘family adventure’ illustrations, each showcasing the Discovery in a unique environment to create a modern take on classic adventure novel covers from the past. This ‘modern classic’ adventure look was the guiding force behind all 4 illustrations and was used by Spark 44 to create a really nice collection of marketing materials.
Check out Brian’s detailed process run-down here


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