Boulder’s CPB and WorkInProgress Bring Back The Noid for Domino’s


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Domino’s Pizza has always had one nemesis: the Noid — an antihero that has been trying to prevent great pizza delivery since 1986. Maybe it was the chaos of 2020 that gave the Noid the confidence to return, or possibly the fact that Domino’s has continued to innovate around great pizza delivery with amazing technology. Whatever the reason, the Noid simply can’t stand it anymore, and the pesky antihero has returned in Domino’s new television ads, trying to thwart the advanced technology of Nuro’s R2 robot — a completely autonomous, occupant-less on-road vehicle, out on a pizza delivery.

“The Noid is Domino’s oldest and most famous villain, and the pizza delivery testing we’re doing with Nuro’s autonomous vehicle is exactly the kind of technology innovation that could provoke the Noid to return,” said Kate Trumbull, Domino’s vice president of advertising. “However, after 35 years of practice in avoiding the Noid, we’re pretty confident we know how to defeat it.”

While television screens are a great place for a classic nemesis to return, mobile devices are the newest place for the Noid to cause problems. Starting May 7, the Noid will join the newest installment of the Crash Bandicoot gaming series, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, a new mobile adventure that honors the rich 25-year history of the beloved franchise. For a limited time, the Noid will be featured as one of the game’s mini bosses, pitting players against the Noid as Crash progresses through the story. Players will also have access to exclusive Domino’s pizza-themed player skins, showing players love for all things pizza. 

WorkInProgress, Domino’s creative agency as of January, 2021, and Domino’s partnered with King (a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world) to develop the Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! mobile game integration. The TV portion of the Noid campaign was conceptualized and developed by creatives at CPB, who have since joined WorkInProgress, including Creative Directors Kelly McCormick and D’Arcy O’Neill, Associate Creative Directors Jake Roberts and Dylan Cimo, and Executive Producer Rachel Noonan. 


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