The Garvan Institute Confronts the Public with ‘Disease Dilemmas’ Via BWM Dentsu


By The Denver Egotist / /

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research has partnered with BWM dentsu to launch its first nationwide campaign in Australia, to raise awareness and funding for their ground-breaking genomics research. There are thousands of disease-related charities in Australia. But unless you have a personal connection to a specific cause, this excess of charities creates a real dilemma – how do you decide who to help?

‘Disease Dilemmas’ puts Australians in the uncomfortable position of trying to choose who they’d donate to — the young mother with pancreatic cancer or the retired musician with Parkinson’s disease? The teacher with a kidney condition or the student with immune disease?

These impossible choices are brought to life as portrait pairings of real people living with different diseases, each execution posing its own unique dilemma that challenges people to think, interact and ultimately donate to Garvan, whose genomics research can help them all.


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