Little Lungs Return to Failure in Anti-Smoking Spots


By The Denver Egotist / /

In 2017, director Peter Sluszka first introduced the world to “Little Lungs in a Great Big World.” Created for the FDA Center for Tobacco Products, the films were designed to educate teens about the harmful effects of smoking in an off-kilter, non-pedantic way. They were an immediate hit, with some serious staying power.

Today, the films continue to rack up millions of views on YouTube. And now Little Lungs — the anthropomorphic character that “smoked as a teen and never grew to normal size” — is back! This time, he’s joined by a star-studded cast of celebrities including Terry Crews, Tony Hawk and Sky Katz. In each spot, these celebs try to help Little Lungs do what they do — from action stunts to singing and performing — and each time, because of his stunted lungs, he falls short in some cheerfully grotesque way. Made in stop motion, the films strike that perfect balance between irreverently funny and devastatingly effective.



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