Denver Animator’s Short ‘Ghost Dogs’ 2021 Official Sundance Selection


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Joe Cappa’s animated short Ghost Dogs has been selected for the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Based here in Denver, Joe been animating this cartoon for over 2 years. Sundance is doing things differently this year with online screenings via and satellite screens across the country, so you can access it on your own screens or here locally. Tickets go on sale January 7th. Here’s a little more on the film. 

“We set out to make a cartoon that appealed to the adolescent inner-child. It’s an homage to those rare moments of self-discovery when you are eleven years old, flipping through channels and you stumble upon ‘The Shining’ by accident. The kind of content you weren’t supposed to watch but did anyway.

The ‘Ghost Dog’ characters are something I’ve toyed with for years in watercolor paintings. As I’ve slowly taught myself animation, I realized there was a compelling story with these dudes that I could bring to life. My writing partner and I immediately had a mutual understanding of what the film should represent, and
consequently the look and feel of the entire piece. Ghost Dogs was personally animated piece by piece in my spare time. This being my first short animation was a lesson in the cartoon making process and a lesson in humility for my own artmaking ability. But I love the story so much. It’s everything we wanted to see on
late-night television as kids.”


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