HomeEquity Bank Hires World’s Most Notorious Scam Artist


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As if the global pandemic isn’t troubling enough, scam calls are on the rise and 91% of Canadians over the age of 55 believe they’re more vulnerable to fraud. So, in an effort to help people recognize scam calls in real time, HomeEquity Bank has launched ‘Catch The Scam’ — an online content series and masterclass teaching the finer points of how scams actually work. 

The series is hosted and taught by none other than Frank W. Abagnale, a former conman turned world-class security expert. Abagnale was played by Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Catch Me If You Can’ — the Steven Spielberg film based on his remarkable life story. 

Developed by Toronto-based agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, ‘Catch The Scam’ will be available for free on Facebook and YouTube. The series exposes four common scam operations across an equal number of episodes: The Romance Scam, The Lottery Scam, The Grandparent Scam and The CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) Scam. Each episode reveals how scammers extract money from people by preying upon their various emotions over the phone. 


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