Denver’s Cactus Partners With National Emergency Responder Organization to Launch Responder Strong


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Frontline workers in the global pandemic are hurting not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. With that in mind, Cactus has partnered with Responder Strong — a national emergency responder organization — to launch, a well-being platform designed to address the specific needs of the emergency medical, EMS, law enforcement and fire service personnel on the front lines of the COVID-19 health crisis.

The well-being platform for emergency responders was developed by Grit Digital Health — Cactus’ sister company that focuses on creating behavioral health and well-being solutions through design and technology. personalizes well-being for each user by tailoring its content to the specific needs of users, ranging from serious discussions and information around topics like depression, suicide, alcohol/drug addiction to more wellness-focused insights around managing stress, chronic pain and leadership techniques. Another key component is its series of “reality checks” — personal assessments that can offer some guidance into where help may be needed and how to get it.

“In the past there might have been some resistance from some first responders to think they need help and seek it out, now is a different era and more people are open to it,” Cactus Founder/CEO Joe Conrad says. “The Covid-19 crisis and civil unrest has brought many frontline workers to a dark place and they recognize they need to find productive ways to take care of themselves.”


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