1. Local Business June 25, 2020

    Ironic that a ‘support local business’ spot would be filmed out of state. What’s wrong with Colorado boxes and living rooms that they didn’t make the cut? Can a message like this truly be effective if you are not living up to it as a brand or as an agency?

  2. Pill Bug June 26, 2020

    What makes you think this was shot out of state? If it was, it feels low budget enough to be local, which really is too bad if you’re right.

  3. think about it June 28, 2020

    This was shot by Community Films which is not Colorado based, but I can’t figure out if it was actually shot in CO. I’m guessing not, because why would you fly a director/dp out during the pandemic for 15 shots of boxes?

    I’m pretty sure TDA did the post locally (they usually do) so that’s something. Hopefully they will give a local prod co /director a look next time, especially for such an extremely simple shoot.

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