Has Covid Made it a Little Easier to Relate to the Struggles of LGBTQ+ People?


By The Denver Egotist / /

Coming out can be difficult and complicated and it’s not something most cis-gendered, heterosexual Canadians have insight into. According to a recent study from Egale (a national LGBTQI2S human rights organization), over 80% of LGBTQ+ individuals have felt distress related to their sexual orientation or gender identity, and 54% haven’t come out to their colleagues for fear of being rejected or bullied.

To bring attention to this issue, Egale and creative agency TAXI Toronto created ‘Coming Out’ — a film made up entirely of user submitted footage. The film highlights the emotional struggles we’ve all had during the COVID-19 quarantine and shows its parallel with the much more challenging isolation LGBTQ+ people go through when they can’t come out as who they are. The film encourages people to foster better, more accepting communities.


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