The Colorado Creators Alliance Asks You to Hire Local to Help Build a Stronger Creative Community


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Over a decade into our pursuit of shining a light on Colorado’s creative talent and encouraging hiring locally, we share the spirited endeavor of the newly formed Colorado Creators Alliance — a network of agencies, brands, artists, performers and producers working together to lift up the creative talent in our state. They believe that Colorado stories are best told by Colorado creatives — and that our state is already bursting with the talent needed to bring them to life. Amen. 

Here’s a little more background on their mission. 

After COVID-19’s initial blow to Colorado’s creative industries, 13 of Colorado’s top production companies joined forces to contribute individual scenes, a custom score, audio mix and color for a video about the importance of working locally.

As we collaborated, a greater mission became clear: use these trying times as a spark to build a stronger, more supportive space that benefits all Colorado creatives.

Through this collective spirit, we formed the Colorado Creator’s Alliance, and we’re inviting the entire Colorado creative community to embrace the essential spirit of localism.

To the agencies, brands, freelancers and creative companies of all disciplines: let’s band together. Reinvesting in our own creative community will give all Colorado creators the opportunity to arrive on the other side stronger than ever.

Sign up, be heard and let’s get to work. Together.

The organization’s website invites you to add your information to their database and sign a pledge to support the alliance by hiring local. 


  1. Brian Harrison June 17, 2020

    Interesting idea. Will be curious to see where it goes.

    And in related news, has it really been a decade of the Denver Egotist already? Wow! Congratulations. I passed 14 years over at the Idaho Ad Agencies site earlier this year. Very impressed with everything you’ve done here. Keep up the good work.

  2. just sayin June 17, 2020

    Unfortunately, agencies are at the behest of their clients who don’t care where vendors work. I doubt we’ll see production triple bidding with 3 colorado directors, 3 colorado post companies, 3 colorado mix houses.

    But hey, I hope you prove me wrong guys.

  3. good point June 18, 2020

    just saying – you said it best “agencies are at the behest of their clients who don’t care where vendors work” 😉

  4. Rigged Process June 24, 2020

    Also, I don’t think the initiative is saying to only hire to CO companies, it’s saying support the hometown and include them in bids/pitches as much as possible.

  5. Pill Bug June 26, 2020

    Man, all that talent and they didn’t even think to bring on a copywriter for the script. Big time missed opportunity. Otherwise, I appreciate this.

  6. Hire local = hire Futuristic June 26, 2020

    Smaller creative houses will withstand the production and filming freeze–big boys with overhead need cash flow asap for massive payrolls. Shows how scared everyone is to quickly to co-sign an initiative that covertly reminds agencies to bid Futuristic who in 6 months will probably source a director from LA anyway.

  7. wat. June 29, 2020

    Futuristic’s roster is mostly Colorado based and they feed entire crews of locals, not to mention post. I don’t understand the objection? And do think they would prefer to use their own partners or source a loan out director when given the choice?

    Also you can plainly see a number of other production companies listed on the site and dozens of other roles which aren’t production at all. It’s like you have some axe to grind and didn’t bother to read.

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