INNOSENT in FORMAL: “Junkie’s Never Enough”


By The Denver Egotist / /

Tokyo digital artist and director Kota Yamaji explains the weirdness you’re about to enjoy: 

The story begins at an old theater, a night before it closes down.

That night, when the manager was preparing and cleaning his theater for the close down, he found an old can of film at the basement. The manager was curious of what’s inside the film, so he set the film in an old fashioned projector and started playing it.

On the screen, there he found was an old animation movie which made a huge hit a long time ago, a story about big adventure of a band who escaped a circus tent.

As manager got more and more into the movie, suddenly he saw a sparkling soul swinging out of the screen and filled the whole theater with a dazzling light. Slowly recovering from the blindness, he was shocked to find these four strange men standing in front of the screen who never existed a minute ago. There was no doubt that these four was the band he was watching in the animation, “INNOSENT in FORMAL”. They were so upset that their only audience was this skinny, crumpled,
miserable old man, in spite of the decades they spent inside the rusted can.

“Alright” said one of the man. “Why don’t we travel around this world and see what we can do just like those good old days huh?”

INNOSENT in FORMAL’s new adventure has just started.


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