Though Politics Divide Us, Denver-Based SportsHosts Shows Sports Unite Us


By The Denver Egotist / /

SportsHosts is an app designed to connect travelers with local fans to go to live sports together. The company, based here in Colorado, hooked up with Cape Town agency Intrepid Fox to create the new brand film — the story of a father and daughter who have polarizing views on just about every major issue currently defining American politics, but who come together over sport. SportsHosts co-founder, Darren Wall, explained how the Denver company happen to hook up with a South African agency: “We were aware of a viral piece of work for Scouts that had been doing the rounds and had about six million YouTube views. Something about it really touched a nerve with us, and we knew we wanted to make work like that. By a stroke of luck, a strategist on our team happens to be a South African and knew the guys who made it.”


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