Credit Union of Colorado: “In Vitro” – Via Denver’s COHN and Image Brew


By The Denver Egotist / /

Denver-based video production company Image Brew has produced two spots for Credit Union of Colorado on behalf of local agency COHN. The first of the two commercials, “In Vitro,” has launched on broadcast and streaming services.

Director Marshall Burnette offers the following perspective on the work: “For ‘In Vitro,’ we wanted to tell the story of a loving couple who are struggling to create a family. Both of the commercials for Credit Union of Colorado are based on real events so it was important that we created stories that feel very real and tangible. We were able to craft a simple yet emotional story that I think will really hit home with anyone who has explored the in vitro process themselves. We were lucky to find some incredible acting talent in Denver that really brought the characters to life. Credit Union of Colorado wants their audience to know that they value each customer’s personal needs and will go out of their way to help in any situation, no matter how unique it is.” 

The second of the two new commercials, “Sisters,” will launch on broadcast and streaming services at the end of March.


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