#SiteLaunch: The Public Works – Media


By The Denver Egotist / /

Denver’s The Public Works is focused on telling the stories of adventure brands that move people. They’ve just launched a new site that features their portfolio of still and motion assets captured over the last 19 years. Here’s what went into paring it down to the very best work. 

“Curating portfolios is always one of the most difficult aspects of working as a photographer. As a group, our catalog contains 1,278,346 images dating back to 2001. As you could imagine, finding our favorite few dozen shots is a Herculean task. Even deciding on categories is a creative and organizational challenge, as we shuffled through thousands of images taken by multiple creatives — each one emotionally tied to certain images.

After all that work, we arrived at a place we’re proud of. If we started over today with the same images to choose from, there’s a good chance these portfolios would look completely different. But this is what we landed on and we’re sticking to it for the moment. We’d love feedback. We’d love even more if you share it with your friends.”


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