HempFusion Puts CBD Vending Machine in the Most Stressful Place on Earth – Via Boulder’s Fortnight Collective


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Fortnight Collective has helped create the first-ever vending machine to dispense CBD products at a major U.S. airport. Developed for the agency’s client, HempFusion, the vending machine will also be the first of its kind to dispense a complimentary CBD product.

The HempFusion vending machine will be stationed in the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, starting November 18. The aim of the vending machine is to provide support to adult travelers during the busiest travel season, in what has been dubbed the world’s busiest airport.

Travelers looking to use the HempFusion vending machine will first be introduced to a touchscreen questionnaire that asks about their travel details, like whether they have an aisle or middle seat, or if their flight is on time or delayed. Once the specifics are collected, the vending machine will dispense a sample of HempFusion’s Stress product.

Additionally, five travelers will receive a travel upgrade in the form of a $1,000 gift card paired with samples in the machine to help make their holiday travel more stress free. 

The launch of the HempFusion vending machine is an extension of the brand’s recently launched marketing campaign, “It All Adds Up.” The campaign, also created by Fortnight Collective, looks to educate consumers on how CBD works harder for your body when combined with HempFusion’s ingredients. 


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