Dry Storage: A Place to Gather, Discuss, Innovate and Eat


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Dry Storage, a cafe and bake house in Boulder was created to be a place for gathering, discussing and innovating — an incubator for the great things happening in food and design. The brand, created by Denver’s Paper Laundry, needed to evoke an homage to the essence of community in the restaurant business. It also needed to be flexible enough to allow for the ever-changing experiences around a menu that gets back to the basics of hospitality and heritage foods.

“Dry Storage was the dry goods storage space for sister restaurant Basta, so the identity needed a utilitarian feel — but now the space is home to so much more,” said Ashlynn Haynes, Creative Director at Paper Laundry. “The cafe is full of humble yet elevated menu favorites, but is also a place for grocery staples like house-milled flour. It’s a creative lab for others in the food industry, like chocolatier Fortuna; it’s a gallery for local makers of all kinds.”

Haynes shared, “In creating a brand identity to encompass this many facets we kept thinking about containment — how do you visually represent space to house all of these different ideas. Conversely, how do you let things have a life of their own, breaking outside the confines of the grid? The multiple marks of this identity are our attempt at balancing both of those ideas.”

You can almost smell the great things being cooked up. 


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