and Poo~Pourri tackle travel ‘Poo Anxiety” – Via CPB Boulder


By The Denver Egotist / /

One of the biggest moments couples experience early on is their first overnight trip, but also the stress in sharing a bathroom with their significant other. A recent survey found that 37% of people see going number two as the most anxiety inducing part of the first trip, and 73% will go to great lengths to avoid using the hotel bathroom all together. 

So and Poo~Pourri teamed up to try and make these first trips a lot less stinky and stressy. The #FirstPooWithBoo partnership features spokespeople Captain Obvious and the Poo-Pourri Lady narrating dramatized videos showing the extent people will go to avoid their significant other finding out they poop. and Poo~Pourri also created a limited run of co-branded boxes featuring Poo-Pourri’s best-selling scent, Original Citrus, and are giving away the first 500 free at The limited edition boxes will be available for purchase for $9.95 once the initial 500 run out. Agency: CPB Boulder



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