California Pizza Kitchen’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust Blows Minds in New Campaign from Boulder’s Made


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California Pizza Kitchen has partnered with Made to launch “Mind Blown” — CPK’s most comprehensive campaign to date, spotlighting the surprisingly awesome flavor of cauliflower pizza crust.

California Pizza Kitchen has a long history of culinary innovation since its founding in Beverly Hills in 1985. Known for introducing the world to California-style pizza in which creative flavors, ingredients, regions and cultures collide, CPK created menu items such as the Original BBQ Chicken and Thai Chicken pizzas that spurred culinary trends. Now, CPK and Made have teamed to celebrate this latest CPK pizza innovations — through an integrated campaign including video, out-of-home, digital and supporting media that highlight the delicious flavor of cauliflower pizza crust made from the unlikely yet versatile vegetable. 

“This campaign doesn’t look like anything else in the category,” said Dave Schiff, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Made. “But it’s not different for different’s sake. It’s all about a bite of killer pizza. Even the creative device itself, the explosion of a blown mind, is telling an ingredient story. And the reactions aren’t the normal bite-and-smile. These people are happily freaked out by what they’re tasting.” Made began working with California Pizza Kitchen in April of 2018. In addition to serving as the creative lead on the new “Mind Blown” campaign they have played a major role in defining CPK’s marketing strategy and positioning.


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