1. Melissa Wescott September 17, 2019

    I love this latest revelation manifesto.

    Clearly, the naked back and pink wig walking translates into an original one of a kind, longtime coming and running video stash bonfire by the biggest gods sesh, B.T. & A.M.(ESP). Not to mention apologies for those admitted this round.

    A manifest destiny. GET A LIFE PEOPLE AND STOP MAKING, RULING ,AND BREAKING OTHERS….really that is what is truly pathetic in science these days. Oh, and what a paradox, “I’m bestfriends with Cameron Diaz.”


    Some things you just gotta do yourself before they can do that to you too I suppose. Its the only way people get what they got anywho.

    What happened to the dream….and just having it and doing it with your own talent for Christ’s sake.

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