Cactus Launches CO Effort for Opioid, Antidote Naloxone, Showing Reality of Drugs on the Doorstep


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Cactus and the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention have launched a multimedia campaign to educate people statewide about the rising of opioid addiction and the availability of Naloxone — a medication any American adult can obtain and keep on hand to save the life of someone who has overdosed on opioids.

Naloxone, sold under the brand name Narcan, is a nasal spray that can revive someone who has overdosed on heroin, OxyContin, fentanyl or another opioid. A generic spray will be available to consumers by the end of 2019. The spray, which blocks the effects of these drugs, can be bought in doses at pharmacies and does not require a prescription. 

Each horizontal-strip ad features a front door in a colorful shade of red, pink, yellow or blue along with a doorknob and knocker and carries a bold, simple message: “MOST OPIOID OVERDOSES HAPPEN AT HOME.” The ads will run on billboards, buses and other transit media throughout the state beginning. They will also be featured in social. 

The objective of the campaign is to educate people so they know it is easy to obtain Narcan and they can use it to save a loved one’s life in the case of an emergency. The campaign also intends to confront — and reduce — the stigma of opioid addiction. “People have a tendency to think that overdoses happen to the homeless or other people they don’t know,” said Norm Shearer, partner and CCO at Cactus. “But in actuality, most of the people accidentally dying from opioids are those who are taking prescription drugs in their homes. We want them to know there is a spray that can literally bring someone back from the dead.”


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