2019 Cinematography Reel from Voca Films’ David Chang


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This is the first reel David Chang has ever put together for himself as a DP/Director. He reflects on 90 seconds of video of which he’s very proud. 

“If someone told me in 2017 that in two years I’d be traveling the world, scuba diving, riding motorcycles and shooting national broadcast commercials all for video work, I would’ve laughed in their face. If someone told me that now, I’d probably still laugh in their face because who knows if any of it will ever happen again. This reel of my recent work reminds me how truly lucky I am to not only be a part of so many amazing experiences but to also make a living doing what I love.”

See more at Voca Films.  


  1. dj August 9, 2019

    Great crew to work with! Good stuff, Changster.

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