BBDO Takes Mountain Dew on a Cross-Country Roller Coaster


By The Denver Egotist / /

Director Andy Baker teamed up with BBDO NY to create a monumental summer campaign for Mountain Dew. Celebrating the entire U.S. of A., they developed 50 individual animated films for each state along with one cohesive national spot. 

Spreading the love across America, the animated films highlight the many iconic landmarks and symbols we all know and love (or will soon learn) that make each state its own unique and cherished place. In addition to the films, “DEWnited States Collection” includes special bottle packaging illustrating the singular identity of each state.



  1. Anonymous July 6, 2019

    “BBDO did this” not really, though.

    Who are the ones that actually put the time in and created these illustrations and animations? Isn’t it time to stop giving agencies all the credit for the idea of one or two creatives that outsourced it to artists who actually executed the work and endured several rounds of shitty feedback?

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