Wild Manor Brand Positioning + Brand Identity Design – Via Boulder’s Fadduh


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Wild Manor, home to Wild Editorial and Manor Production, is a Boulder, CO-based production company. Formerly MING Studios and PLUS Productions, Wild Manor came to Fadduh in need of brand positioning, a new name and a complete brand identity system.

Drawing inspiration from music industry retreats like Caribou Ranch, Shangri-La and Muscle Shoals, and its location at the foothills of the Rockies, Fadduh positioned Wild Manor as a creative haven. “A place where creatives and clients come to be inspired. To have great work drawn out of them by world-class talent. Where their every need is catered to by an attentive staff. All in an aspirational environment that both nurtures creativity and feels like a welcome escape.”

From there, Fadduh worked outwards — creating a logo, design system and tone of voice that embodied their modern interior design sensibility and ethos, and separated the editorial and production sides of the business, yet united them as a single family. Deliverables included: logo design and monogram, font suite, color palette, graphic illustrations, social media skins + post templates, website design, photography direction, swag options, tone of voice and brand copy elements.

Agency: Fadduh 
Account leadership + strategy: Becky Herman
Brand strategy: Becky Herman
Design: Emilie Druss
Copy: Kate Kayne


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