CDOT Says Click It For Quick Trips – Via Denver’s Amelie


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While doing research for CDOT’s annual seat belt campaign, Amelie found a striking disparity: drivers were less likely to buckle up when driving short distances, even though that’s when most accidents occur. They put the quick trips drivers make to grab everyday items in their sights, positioning the items themselves as the direct cause for dangerous collisions. The agency created outdoor, social, ambient and radio executions to this effect to stress the importance of always buckling up, even for quick trips.

Eric Hines – Creative Director – Amelie Company
Cecil Bozard – Associate Creative Director – Amelie Company
Daniel Alfonzo – Designer – Amelie Company
Kristen Barnhill – Account Executive – Amelie Company
Kaitlin Tabar – Account Supervisor – Amelie Company
Armando Martinez – Retoucher – Mando-Matic
Heather Popenhagen – Director of Production – Amelie Company
Alexia Hadjinicolaou – Project Manager – Amelie Company
Justin Kutner – Senior Channel Strategist – Amelie Company
Kate Osborne – Integrated Producer – Kate Marie Productions
Bill Kinsey – Eye Candy Sculptures


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