Madwell Brings Visible to the Wild Through Denver Activation


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Verizon-backed all-digital phone service Visible has brought a 12-foot-tall blue smiley face to town. As part of the Denver-based company’s “Visible in the Wild” activation, the giant emoticon appeared outside Union Station, where it spent one weekend before moving to its new home on the 16th Street Mall.

The activation, called out for exactly what it is — a publicity stunt — was designed to communicate Visible’s commitment to transparency in an industry plagued by obfuscation and BS, and was also built to bring the Denver community together in a creative environment. Throughout the activation’s run, local artists were on hand to create one-of-a-kind pieces, some of which were available for visitors to take home, including unique emoticon viewing benches.

According to Madwell Executive Creative Director Jeff Gillette, “Most phone service companies say one thing and do another. Visible is different. They’re committed to making their customers happy (see giant smiley faces) by being totally up front with them. No hidden fees. No legalese. What better way to drum up publicity in their own backyard of Denver than with an over the top publicity stunt that calls itself out as an over the top publicity stunt?”

The Visible in the Wild activation was live at 16th and Stout on the 16th Street Mall in Denver through May 27, with artist exhibitions each weekend (and on Memorial Day). 



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