Friday Filler: Play One Club’s Pencil Pong


By The Denver Egotist / /

The One show may be over for another year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t win a gold pencil before next year’s show. Just in time for Friday, Zulu Alpha Kilo created the online game Pencil Pong. By visiting the site on your mobile device and using it as the pong paddle controls, you can propel yourself up the creative ranks to win One Show gold. You start the game as an intern, move up to CCO. As your career rises, you get to “Tutssel Level” as a Global CCO — a nod to Leo Burnett’s Mark Tutssel who was honored on the night of this year’s gala for his contribution to the industry. Finally, you unlock G.O.A.T. status to win. The losing team is reminded to “enter again next year.”


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