Pets Rebel Against the Crap We’ve Been Feeding Them in New Petco Campaign


By The Denver Egotist / /

Petco has launched a new campaign, titled Cleaning House, that brings to life the company’s recent commitment to become the first and only major pet food retailer to remove artificial ingredients in dog and cat foods by May 2019. The campaign highlights the change happening now at Petco and calls on pet parents to reconsider what they feed their pets.

“This bold gesture by Petco is part of an even greater mission to transform the brand and the category,” said Eric Segal, Anomaly Chief Creative Officer. “This meant we needed to match their ambition with a campaign that looked and sounded like nothing else out there, filled with joy and momentum to make you undeniably feel the seismic shift coming and entice you to come along for the ride.”

No doubt it’ll work because it’s filled with kitties. 


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