Boulder’s WorkInProgress Launches Anti-Brunch Campaign for Village Inn


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The campaign dubbed “Anti-Brunch” — the first from WorkInProgress for their newest client  Village Inn — pokes fun at the pomp and circumstance that now surrounds brunch: long lines, high prices, ingredients that are hard to pronounce and food that is better for the ‘gram than the palette. But Village Inn is the antidote to the brunch madness that has ensued.

To do this, Village Inn sent a van to Denver’s most popular brunch locations to “save” local patrons from the ridiculously long brunch lines and took them to the nearest Village Inn for a delicious breakfast with trendy food items, like eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

To extend the story there is a paid media campaign supported by a variety of content for TV and digital video. The spots range from saving people from brunch, questioning the wait and poking fun at trendy and overpriced brunch items.

The goal of the campaign is to bring attention back to breakfast and raise awareness about Village Inn and how they have great food at reasonable prices without all of the craziness that has infiltrated brunch and turned it into the spectacle it has become today.

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  1. Tim Gillies January 31, 2019

    Ha! This is so awesome! What a great idea. I’m sure Snooze was their first stop. I love Snooze, but the crowd of people waiting out front on a Saturday morning is ridiculous.

  2. Jen February 11, 2019

    Ace concept, production value leaves a lot to be desired.

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