Denver Photographer Chip Kalback Celebrates the “Farmer In All Of Us” for Ram Trucks


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This fall, Chip Kalback joined the folks at Motive to photograph three individuals who celebrate the ‘Farmer In All Of Us’ for Ram Trucks.

They met an 18-year-old farmer who’s taking over her 200-year-old family farm in Kentucky, a recent Cornell grad who farms in Upstate New York, and a rancher in Wyoming who oversees 2,400 acres of land.

Along with shooting photos, there was also a video crew shooting short documentary pieces about each individual and the love for what they do. The days were split between shooting and traveling, visiting three towns in six days and capturing assets all along the way. See more of the shoot’s output here

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  1. Tim Gillies January 31, 2019

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

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