SK Telecom Uses AR to Bring Fire-Breathing Dragon to Baseball Park

by / May 22, 2019 /

On opening day of the 2019 season, SK Telecom brought a wyvern (a winged two-legged dragon with a barbed tail and the team's namesake) to the 5G-equipped Happy Dream Park in South Korea, home to the SK Wyverns. The large fire-breathing wyvern flying around the park streamed live though sports broadcasting channels for baseball fans and through an AR app on fans' phones.

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#BrandLaunch: Growers Soil – Via Denver’s LRXD

by / May 17, 2019 /

LRXD has created new packaging and a website for Growers, a Colorado company that sells soil and nutrients designed to grow the most verdant cannabis crops.

For more than 15 years, Growers has envisioned the future of growing cannabis based on the past by combining the handcrafted art of cultivation with emerging technology to produce a consistent and effective line of soils and nutrients. Now, LRXD has debu[Read More]

Snowmass Tourism Wants to Introduce You to Your Outside Side – Via Vladimir Jones

by / May 17, 2019 /

To differentiate Snowmass from the rest, Vladimir Jones wanted to push further into the metaphysical ways that its intimate landscape can change you. So, they introduced America to a different version of themselves. It’s the part of you that howls at the moon, tangos with the wind and doesn’t have an inside voice. Come face-to-face with the side of you only nature can reveal in Snowmass. And say hello to[Read More]

Antique Firearms in Ultra Slow Mo from Denver’s Image Brew

by / May 17, 2019 /

Gallagher & Associates is a museum planning and design firm based in New York City. The organization was charged with curating an exhibit about the mechanical evolution of firearms for the Buffalo Bill Center for the West in Cody, Wyoming. The core of the exhibit would feature interactive video screens that display various guns firing in super slow motion.  

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