A Beer and Campaign Created for the Times We Live In


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In celebration of its 6th anniversary, SingleCut Beersmiths has launched ‘Remember’ beer, along with a design-forward campaign to promote it that evokes the lofty ideals of peace, love, unity, hope and truth.

With music woven into the DNA of the brewery, SingleCut was named after an iconic guitar body and even its draught tap handles are carved like guitar necks. Now the brand is looking to tap into the unifying power of music and craft beer while building on the momentum it’s created year after year at the Cask Days Beer Festival in Toronto.

Originally briefed to help SingleCut celebrate its 6th anniversary, Toronto-based agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo, proposed the development of a unique beer to mark the momentous occasion. The agency named the IIPA “Remember” and the beer launched at SingleCut’s Astoria brewery in early December. Remember IIPA has quickly become the brand’s highest-rated beer ever.

Zulu Alpha Kilo also developed the campaign’s digital content, packaging, coasters, apparel and limited-edition art prints – all of which were centered around an iconic rock symbol and used the circular stain of the ‘Remember’ beer to help create the final look.


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