Cactus Shows How Colorado Lottery’s Lucky for Life Changes Your Day


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Cactus has launched a campaign for the Colorado Lottery’s newest jackpot game. Lucky for Life is the game of a lifetime. Literally. You can win $1,000 a day for life.

There’s something that feels almost attainable about an extra $1,000 a day. You can really wrap your brain around what you’d do if you were lucky enough to win. Yet, as exciting as it may be, research showed a huge percentage of people were interested in playing, they just weren’t buying tickets.

To bridge that gap and bring the winning experience to life, the campaign’s message is simple and direct. “We love the idea of the game’s prize and really wanted to demonstrate what an extra $1,000 a day for life could look like,” said Christian Hawley, Colorado Lottery’s Advertising and Marketing Manager.

The TV buy was created per day of the week to ensure the correct spot runs on the corresponding day — no easy feat in the media world. A heavy buy in daily programming also aligns with the creative execution to reach people as they tune-in each day.

Client Credits:
Jay Sisson, Jackpot Games Manager
Christian Hawley, Advertising and Marketing Manager

Agency Credits:
Creative Director: Jim Morrissey
Associate Creative Director: Sarah Berkheimer
Account Director: Summer Hershey
Account Manager: Ethan Nosky
Production Director: Brooke Woodruff
Senior Producer: Julie Mimmack


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