What’s in a Name? For this Boulder Pet Food Company, Love is the Answer.


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The premium pet food company, “I and love and you”, has released their first brand video, addressing the question on everyone’s mind — what’s up with the name? Located in Boulder, the employee-owned pet-run company wants you to know they put love into everything they do, which is why they put it right in their name. For them, love is, and should always be, the first ingredient. Instead of just starting with “science” or other industry jargon. Learn more about the company and pick up a bag of their seriously awesome pet food here. The concept was created and produced by Fact & Fiction.


:: The video features the quirky “I and love and you” Boulder-based offices, as well as all their actual employees (and their hoomans).

:: The scenes themselves were all taken in and around the Boulder area, including in front of the iconic Flatirons and Brett’s actual kitchen.

:: The dog at the 17-second mark actually rides to work daily in a baby trailer, and the voiceover is of the company’s very own CEO Beau Mainous.

::The highly anticipated (and scripted) dog s#*%ting section was captured by a following Red cam on only the second attempt, but garnered a few more than two strange looks from passing hikers.

Partner, Creative: Kyle Taylor
Partner, Content: Luke Frydenger
Creative Director: Rob Lewis
Copywriter: Kelly Buckley
Director: Shane Farnsworth
Director of Photography: Isaac Sokol
Executive Producer: Christian Silberbauer
Producer: Sonia Jacquez
Assistant Director: Maya Ferrario
Group Account Director: Julie Uridil
Account Manager: Sara Strickroot
Post Production: Shane Farnsworth, Luke Frydenger, Carlos Flores, Eric Hoffman, Boston Heath,
Benjamin Pickett

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