Parallel Path, Roos Brothers and Rocky Mountain Health Plans’ Films Selected for Brand Film Festival


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A film series created by Boulder-based Parallel Path, along with  Denver/Brooklyn-based directing and producing team Roos Brothers was selected for the 2018 Brand Film Festival in the ‘Short-form Documentary Series’ category at the May 3 event in New York. The work, RMHP Presents: Life On The Western Slope, is a series of three cinematic videos created for client Rocky Mountain Health Plans as part of the 2017-18 brand campaign.

“The Brand Film Festival films tend to be global agencies and brands, so we were honored to represent Colorado,” said Hardy Kalisher, executive vice president for Parallel Path. “RMHP has been an incredible partner on this journey and we look forward to continuing our work together telling the stories of Life on the Western Slope.”

Each of the three films in the series features an authentic subject, and there were no actors or scripts used during the 14-day shoot on the Western Slope. The theme behind the campaign is how protection inspires the confidence to pursue life passions, relish in family activities and achieve goals.

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