Denver’s Spin Creative Drives Awareness for Your National Forests


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What do your National Forests mean to you? It’s a question that many Americans cannot readily answer. Many who would regard themselves “aware” will respond by naming a National Park (rather than a National Forest), and unfortunately, the vast majority have little connection or understanding of what our National Forests and Grasslands provide.

With the inaugural Outdoor Retailer convention approaching Denver in January of 2018, the team at Spin recognized a significant opportunity to create as much buzz as possible among this highly-engaged outdoor-industry audience. “It was an all-hands-on effort,” said Jon Miller, Spin Creative Director, “and we were lucky to have brought together a world-class group of people to make the biggest impact possible, while operating on a grassroots budget.”

The strategy was to produce high-impact video content, leveraging some of the outdoor industry’s biggest athlete and brand influencers. “It was amazing who showed up,” said Spin CEO, Brigette Schabdach, “we are so humbled and excited to have been a catalyst to creating such a powerful campaign.”

The video content brought together seven A-list athlete influencers who represented diverse public lands user groups. Spin worked with award-winning Director, Jon ‘JK’ Klaczkiewicz and award-winning Producer Chad Jackson to bring together the cast, along with epic footage depicting the grandeur and awe-inspiring views of the diverse landscapes of our National Forests and Grasslands.

Spin also worked with Denver-based BLKDG to design and develop a new microsite that would showcase and reflect the inspiring video content. And Boulder’s Inkwell Media jumped in to push the video content out through the athletes’ social media channels.

During the launch, the video was aired at several Outdoor Retailer / Snowsports Industry America events, kicking off Rob Katz’s keynote on day one, airing at Winter On The Rocks at Red Rocks, premiering at the Weston Snowboards N.F.F. kickoff party and, finally, as a submission in the Winter Wildlands Alliance ‘Night of Stoke’ film festival.

“We really have so many people to thank, in helping us make this campaign a success,” said Brigette, “Luis Benitez from the OREC Department really helped us have a presence during O.R., and everyone really came together with a partnership spirit for the cause. It really goes to show how much Colorado loves our National Forests. We think this is only the beginning, as there are so many stories that need to be told to help the citizens of this country understand how vital these special public lands are to our everyday quality of life.”

Agency: Spin Creative
Executive Director: Brigette Schabdach
Creative Director: Jon Miller
Account Executive: Michelle Roche

Content Director: Jon ‘JK’ Klaczkeiwicz
Content Producer: Chad Jackson
Filmer: Ryan Sheets
Post-Production: Justin Dersham

Website Development: Jonathan Georger @ BLKDG
Website Design: Celeste Angel @ BLKDG

Social Media Strategy: Luke Blaser @ Inkwell Media
Social Media Producer: Vanda Gyuris @ Inkwell Media

US Forest Service: Susan Alden Weingardt
National Forest Foundation: Greg Peters, Hannah Ettema

Special Thanks: Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Travis Rice, Meredith June Edwards, Brad Christian, Camille Egdorf, Bryan Iguchi, The North Face, Sitka Gear, Red Bull, Luis Benitez, Backcountry United, Vital Films, Winter Wildlands Alliance, Outdoor Retailer

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