Dead People Become Spokespeople for AT&T’s Don’t Text and Drive Campaign


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AT&T portrays a life not lived in this stark road safety film. Twenty-something Caleb Sorohan addresses the viewer, while reflecting on missed opportunities. Supers later reveal that he was killed 8 years earlier in a crash caused by texting and driving, — and that you’re watching a recreated version of him that never was. Artful VFX brings Caleb Sorohan’s ‘present-day self’ to life, while director Errol Morris draws a convincing performance from his simulated lead. 

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  1. stephen beneski May 8, 2018

    Hell no... you mean they asked the family for old footage of their son? Brutal. These somber messages never work, if they did 20 years of bad PSAs would have fixed so many problems... They should have just made a bold text graphic that said, " PUT DOWN YOUR FUCKING PHONE WHILE YOU FUCKING DRIVE, AND DON'T FUCKING LOOK AT IT WHEN YOU SIT AT A RED LIGHT. DON'T BE A FUCKING IDIOT. YOU FUCK. Analytics show people of all ages respond to profanity. Thanks for letting me rant.

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