The Newport Beach Film Festival Teases This Year’s Event with Marquee Trailer “Quota”


By The Denver Egotist / /

The Newport Beach Film Festival promotional film, titled “Quota,” brings this year’s event to life with a thematic that is aimed to recognize the high caliber of films that are accepted into the selective festival. A sci-fi drama set in a dystopian future, two crystal miners are pitted against each other to achieve their mining quota and fulfill their contract. That’s the only way they’ll be able to return home.

Directed by Jillian Martin of production company, for Costa Mesa-based agency Garage Team Mazda (GTM), “Quota” will open the festival and screen before each of the 350 films on this year’s program. 

Festival co-founder/director of marketing Todd Quartararo says he “gave the GTM free range on the creative. After considering eight ideas, GTM and Martin’s treatment for Quota far surpassed our expectations.”

“The festival is renown for its highly-anticipated marquee trailers, which challenge and capture people’s imaginations,” says Quartararo. “We believe the quality of our branding should be equal to the exceptional production and creative values our filmmakers bring to the festival. We set the bar high. GTM and have done us proud.”


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