Cactus Shows You What Happens When Your Money’s Multiplied in New Colorado Lottery Campaign


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Cactus has created an integrated media campaign for client Colorado Lottery to support its new family of Scratch games with a multiplier feature. The Scratch games, which will sell at a range of $1 to $5, let players multiply their winnings by five, 10, 20 or 30 times per ticket and winnings can range from $10,000 to $100,000. The creative addresses the multiplier theme, large winnings and family style of play that allows one to buy, play and win in multiples.

“The task challenged us to approach things from a different perspective,” said Norm Shearer, chief creative officer. “We’re simplifying the choice and putting these four tickets on a stage together, so buying is simple for the consumer.”

Cactus created TV and radio spots, as well as OOH and POS displays that urges shoppers to “Win Big, Bigger, Biggest, Biggerest!” The campaign will also include paid digital and social media extensions.


  1. fuller house April 14, 2018

    hmmm….surprised Cactus would want to put any kind of PR into this campaign.

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