2013 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Poster Design Submissions


By The Denver Egotist / / The USA Pro Cycling Challenge, which will be held in Colorado again this summer for the third year in a row, is having a design contest for the event’s poster. It’s a Facebook contest (ugh), but there are some tidy designs represented. The two below are from Angry Bovine’s Jay Ferracane and Rick VanderLeek – lead designer at Otterbox. Go vote for your favorite now through May 10th — or risk being stuck with a poster you don’t love.


  1. ølaf May 2, 2013

    Great poster, Rick!
    Great poster, Rick!

  2. Anonymous May 3, 2013

    Hahaha, that Facebook contest
    Hahaha, that Facebook contest is a joke! It’s clear who the real winners are, and one of them is represented in this post.

  3. Sherri or Terri May 3, 2013

    While I agree with anonymous
    While I agree with anonymous (not verified) the votes currently don’t reflect that statement.

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