Will the Masses Understand Why Burger King Advertised a Moldy Version of Its Whopper?


By The Denver Egotist / /

At this point in the life of advertising, consumers understand and expect food marketers to show the most glorified version of their products. Burger King, however, has just broken every rule. A new global campaign shows the moldy, deteriorated state of a Whopper after it has sat around long enough to start rotting. The effort is to let people know BK has removed artificial preservatives from its food. 

Now, as adlanders, we appreciate the sheer daringness it takes a client to push this far out of their comfort zone — and expect this work to show up well at Cannes. But we have to wonder, is your average Joe in Podunk who eats this crap all the time going to understand this conceptual leap and still be hungry for their daily fix after seeing these noxious patties? Time will tell. 


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