80s Game Toobin’ Inspires Promo Film for New Belgium’s Liquid Paradise


By The Denver Egotist / /

Vote Voodoo is an election campaign calling on democracy-minded beer drinkers to pick a new Voodoo Ranger rotating IPA from two worthy candidates – Hop Avenger IPA and Starship IPA. The winner will head into full production, taking office as the third offering in Voodoo Ranger’s rotating IPA series and hitting shelves nationwide this fall.

This spot, promoting New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger Liquid Paradise (one of their current IPA offerings), gets you in the mood to go place your vote. Voting is now open and ends on Sunday, March 31. The winner will be announced April 2 and inaugurated on September 1, 2019. Play the Voodoo Ranger Escape to Paradise game here


  1. shane kendrick March 19, 2019

    Why no credit given?

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