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February 7, 2019


Today's state of media often finds journalists searching for a place that allows them to practice their craft. A place free of advertorials and aggregate content. A place that searches to find the story underneath the story. Where creativity reigns as the first principle that drives the final result.

Yellow Scene Magazine is one of those rare finds where a writer gets to be a writer, free of catering to whose buying the biggest ads, instead required to publish the most compelling, relevant and engaging stories.

As an independent we are privileged with 19 great years of award-winning, finger-on-the-pulse. and cutting edge journalism. Sometimes the stories range from the serious (like interviewing the Governor or covering the privatization of Standardized Testing) to the light (like interviewing Jack Black, & Amy Shumer or covering local haunts for Halloween) but always the mission is first and foremost, compelling, relevant and engaging content that readers care about.

Our story is humble, we started small out of a 500 sq ft apartment hand walking a small circular to 4000 houses in the year 2000. We produced $150,000 in revenues that year as a single employee organization and grew to a $1 million company with a small, but talented crew of 8. We have had our ups and downs through it all but have remained self-financed and independent (which means talent is our commodity). And award-winning.

We are seeking a Part Time Associate Editor to help lead us continue our legacy. You could be a seasoned vet or fresh faced, but either way you are not daunted by being pushed to your creative best or working for a local, independent publication. In fact, this should be the kind of job you've always wanted as a journalist.

Take time to read through the website, our archives and media kit, as well as our location, because if you land the gig you will be asked to pack your bags and start tomorrow.

This will be about 15-20 hours a week. If you are fresh faced expect to start at $16 an hour and work your way up (and yes we are good about giving raises for hard working folks), if you offer so much experience and talent than we can stand we are negotiable to increase that. DOE. Plus we have oodles of house account benefits to share generously. Oodles.

Please provide a cover letter why this is the job for you, your resume and most importantly your best clips.


Write unique original feature stories each month
Write monthly monthly regular columns
Facilitate and schedule internal and external communication with the Editor, Publisher and Art Director.
Maintain and enforce systems insuring deadlines are met on time.
Field inquiries from clients and the general public about story ideas, yet only choosing those that meet our standards.
Publish award-winning stories each month!

Must be superbly organized and able to juggle multiple tasks with ease as you keep track of dozens of inquiries per day.
Must be able to manage freelancers and deadlines.
Must know how to talk to people of all walks of life.
Must be highly motivated and ambitious.
As a small company you understand that there are no corner desks. We are self financed. We do not reside in a glass building. We are more a rag-tag team of highly talented people who still believe in Journalism Standards. We all learn to work independently as well as under important instructions.
Must be able to recognize that a small, self-financed company growing bigger faces challenges that large businesses don't. You don't just give lip service to this idea you understand that at a small company, everyone pitches in to help. No task is below anyone.
A sense of humor goes a long way in our pages and our office-You keep your cool when your publisher isn't.

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