Denver’s Legwork and Whirled Create Animated Video for Sexual Assault Survivor + Nobel Prize Nominee


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Legwork recently teamed up with Los Angeles-based content agency Whirled to create an animated video for a new training program designed by Amanda Nguyen — sexual assault survivor and Nobel Prize Nominee. The project, titled Amanda Nguyen’s Blueprint for Social Change, is a guide to help young social activists adopt Amanda’s strategies to promote social change.

This organizing curriculum, which Amanda calls Hope-a-nomics, is part of Rise — an organization she founded in 2014 to secure the rights of sexual assault survivors through legislation. Her efforts finally came to fruition with the passage of the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act by the U.S. Congress in 2016, which led to her Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

“The theme and content of this film is important to us so we wanted to do it justice in every way. We worked through multiple iterations of storyboards to make sure we were getting it just right. The subject is serious, but the piece is lighthearted, which is akin to Amanda’s personality,” explains Aaron Ray, Legwork’s Co-founder and Director of Animation. “Working with Whirled was great, it’s always inspiring to work with agencies who have a really strong point of view and provide valuable input through the whole journey.”


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