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January 18, 2019


Well hello there.

We're Grounds for Promotion, a fun and growing digital agency located in the TEEM co-working space just off of Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, including coffee, office dogs and exposed brick. 🙂

We're bursting at the seams with work and would like to hire a hard-working digital advertising specialist to help us keep up. No direct experience is necessary, as it’s not so much your experience – it’s who you are that matters most.

We love our jobs helping clients though digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, display, and more.

We're also good at SEO, tracking, and analytics, and may need help in those areas as well.

We're looking to hire full-time, hourly to start, at 35-40 hours per week, and if you're rocking it, later as a full-time, salaried employee in the future, with full benefits.

We're mainly looking for:
+ Analytical people, i.e. comfortable and experienced with data and spreadsheets, but also ability to bring strategy and creativity
+ 2-5 years full-time work experience
+ Good GPA and test scores from school
+ Hard working, detail oriented, reliable, trustworthy, positive, good with people, and easy to get along with
+ Digital ad experience isn't necessary, but a bonus
+ Excited to work in downtown Boulder, as most work will be done in the office so we can collaborate

Benefits if you earn full-time employee status:
+ Flexible on vacation time (hint, that means more than average)
+ Unlimited CorePower yoga
+ 100% company paid health insurance
+ Professional ergonomic set-up at the office so that you’re feeling good
+ Mid-morning start time (hey, being rested is important)
+ Longer-term, potentially owning part of the company

Why work at Grounds for Promotion?
Our goal is to lead amazing lives, and to do that our mission is to run an amazing agency where our employees feel great by making our clients happy and doing meaningful work that keeps us engaged. Also, it means being rewarded financially, having a good work life balance, progressing in our careers, and feeling stoked about the team, clients, and achieving our goals.

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