Archive Release: Denver Loves Beer Screen Printed Poster


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Local illustrator Arna Miller has just re-released a limited edition screen print for those who love beer or cats — and, most especially, those who love both. It features a blonde tabby cat pawing at a tall glass of Colorado-brewed ale with the inscription “Denver Loves Beer.”

Influenced by Helena Maguire’s turn-of-the-century cat paintings, as well as vintage beverage coaster design, the 18” x 24” seven-color print is available for $50 on Miller’s website until sold out. 75 total prints are available. Additionally, Miller is offering a brand new variation of the 2017 print with a different border and background printed in shimmery ink

If you enjoy this Denver Loves Beer print, you may also be interested in Arna’s Strike Your Fancy series featuring more cats drinking beer, which are available in miniature version on matchboxes and as a full-size print at the bottom of her shop.


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