Matt Ingwalson Becomes VP of Creative Strategy at Denver’s Heinrich Marketing


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Matt Ingwalson has joined Heinrich Marketing as the new vice president of creative strategy. He joins Heinrich following 18-years on the job at Vladimir Jones, IMM and Karsh\Hagan. He worked as creative director on Colorado’s Come to Life campaign, led the team that took Chili’s from 104th to 38th on the NRN’s index of restaurants on social media and launched multiple long-running content platforms, including “Ask American Crew.”

In this new role, Ingwalson will be leading Heinrich’s creative team and generating content for clients across various categories and media. “We are thrilled to have Matt joining our growing team of client-focused, creative-minded thought leaders,” said George Eddy, president of Heinrich. “Matt’s background in areas such as healthcare and finance, coupled with his knowledge of the connection between data and creativity will continue to take Heinrich into the next era of our agency.”

Congratulations, Matt. 


  1. Heinlick my balls December 13, 2018

    Creative? That place is creative? I worked there for a long time and the only creative thing that ever came out, was when I took a crap after eating Fruity Pebbles. That place sucks.

  2. Mannie Fresh of Big Tymers December 17, 2018

    Didn’t know anything about Heinrich, so I went to their website and clicked “work.” After doing that I’ve come to a conclusion: this is probably the best name and/or comment I’ve ever read on The Denver Egotist dot com. Respect.

    Also, respect to Heinrich and their owners for probably being an incredibly profitable agency despite the obvious lack of creativity in their work. We gotta remember that a lot of clients don’t want conceptual work, they want fast and effective solutions. But we’ll see if Matt can change that. Rooting for him.

  3. Denver Native December 19, 2018

    Yeahhhh… Heinrich is hardly a creative shop. But who knows, things can change with good creative leadership and some big balls. Amelie was nothing until Suggett got there. Then Pat kicked into into another gear again and now they’re a player. Hopefully Matt can move the needle, but that’s one hell of a challenge.

  4. Been around the block December 24, 2018

    Nice try Pat.

  5. New to Cowtown December 26, 2018

    Who’s Pat? Is she nice?

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